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[img][/img]সবাইকে অনেক অনেক শুভেচ্ছা,,,
wapka login....
admin mode....
wml/ xhtml code.....
then paste....
<div><div class="mainblok"><div class="h2">Categories</div><ul class="mcat"> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216582.xhtml">Android Topic</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216582/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216583.xhtml">Free Net Topic</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216583/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216584.xhtml">Facebook Topic</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216584/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216581.xhtml">Featured post</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216581/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216585.xhtml">Games Review</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216585/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216586.xhtml">Hot Post</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216586/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216587.xhtml">Hacking Topic</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216587/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216588.xhtml">Islamic Topic</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216588/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216589.xhtml">Jokes & Stories</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216589/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216590.xhtml">Life Style</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216590/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216591.xhtml">Non Category</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216591/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216592.xhtml">Operator News</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216592/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216593.xhtml">Online Earning</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216593/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216594.xhtml">OurTopic24 Notice</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216594/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216595.xhtml">Other News</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216595/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216596.xhtml">PC Topic</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216596/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216597.xhtml">Sports News</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216597/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216598.xhtml">Wapsite Making</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216598/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216599.xhtml">Wapka Topic</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216599/th_count:} </span></li> <li> ★ <a href="/forum2_113216600.xhtml">Wordpress Topic</a> <span style="float:right"> {:forum-113216600/th_count:} </span></li></ul></div> </div>

সবাই ভালো থাকবেন,,,,,,,,,,,,
সৌজন্য : আমাদের সাইট,,ভিজিট করতে ভুলবেন না,,,,
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